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Business Information Center

22 Nov 2012

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For inquiries about doing business with Thailand, importing from Thailand, finding business partners in Thailand, please contact the Office of Commercial Affairs at the Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, which serves as a link between Thai exporters and African buyers by providing a highly convenient one-stop service. Traders and buyers are supplied with trade information and advisory services, including business matching, data on Thai products and services as well as other trade promotion activities in Thailand and in Southern Africa.

Office of Commercial Affairs, Pretoria, South Africa
248 Hill Street, Arcadia, Pretoria
P.O. Box 95459, Waterkloof 0145

Tel : +27 12 342-0835 / 50 / 56 / 59
Fax : +27 12 342-0855
E-mail :

Foreign investment is welcomed and encouraged by the Royal Thai Government. Thailand provides an attractive environment for FDI with its central location in Asia, good infrastructure and efficient transportation, affordable wages, adaptable labor force, reasonably low real estate and construction costs, and commitment to trade and investment liberalization with ASEAN, APEC and other countries The Board of Investment (BOI) has various investment incentives for potential investors looking to set up a business in Thailand. The BOI also provides investment promotion services and aims to be a one-stop shop for all investment related services.

For more information about investment in Thailand, please download the this brochure.

For current information on foreign direct investment and how to do business in Thailand, visit the web site of the Board of Investment at